Sundays 10:00am Spring 2021.
Grow in your relationship with Jesus and build community with other believers. Whether your journey with Jesus is brand new or time tested, we have a variety of options. Contact Lynn Black for more information.

101 no prep, study and discussion done together in class

201 optional prep, study and discussion in class, but some outside reading would enhance your experience

301 some prep, study at home then share what you've learned

401 prep required to participate (by invitation only)


Contact Lynn
Next Steps 101
With Countryside Staff Room 20 across from the nursery

Wondering what this church is about and how to get involved?  This 6 week mini-class will introduce you to the staff, our ministries, Countryside's mission, and our denominational affiliation, the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Meet others new to our church community in this informal, discussion based experience and find out how you are gifted for ministry! 

Parenting Your Adult "Child" 201 - Finished
With Gordon Mohn at 10:15am on Zoom.

Address issues such as when to rescue and when not to rescue, how to move to an adult-adult relationship with your children, praying for young adults, how to keep your faith when your child seems to be abandoning theirs, how to forgive yourself for parenting regrets, hurdles to independence, and much more.  Contact Gordon Mohn for zoom link:  620-877-7728.

That the World May Know 201
With Bob Williford in the sanctuary

View DVD of the Holy Land and discuss the culture, history, and meaning of stories in the Bible.  Appreciate how understanding the Bible in its original context impacts how you apply it to your life circumstances today.

Precepts for Women 201
With LaJane Anderson in Room 2 off of the southwest corner of the gym

Build friendship and community with other women as you study the Bible chronologically. Learn how to study the Bible as you study it. Share prayer concerns, worship together, and find support.

Immerse...Digging Deeper 301
With Jerry Rogers and Dr. Jacob and Bobbie Kaufman in person in room 16 across from the cafe. Option: for Zoom link contact Bobbie Kaufman at 620-755-2278.

Get the big picture of the books of poetry in the Bible (Psalms, Proverbs, Eccl., SoS, Lam.) by immersing yourself in the text within a few short months. This will follow the Sunday sermon series. Read at home to prepare, then enjoy a lively volley of discussion of the ideas, questions, and challenges presented. Post Easter topic:  The Holy Spirit.  

Developing Leaders 401
With Jeff Houston and Tony Wedel in room 5, west end.

Training for Countryside's Leadership team, Christian Formation teachers, and those in lay leadership of various ministries.  By invitation.