The week that should have been … All School’s Day in McPherson. Growing up here I have come to absolutely love this week and always looked forward to it. I love the sounds that this week always produced … whether it was the beat of a drum as a band marched by, students laughing and playing at the fun-loving madathon events, the voices of older citizens reminiscing about times gone by, the calliope that made us laugh when we realized that the music was pre-recorded, the clip-clop of horses, the varoom, varoom of the cars – so many sounds and such sweet memories. And to say, I won’t miss it, is an understatement. I love to see people happy and enjoying themselves.

However, because of the pandemic, the events of this week had to be cancelled. I know, life goes on and things will be ok but I’m still sad. I am concerned about others who have had to give up much of their daily routines whether it’s having coffee with a few friends, not being able to worship in large gatherings, having to order groceries online so they don’t have to go to the store. The list goes on and on.

I Peter 5:7 instructs us to “cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Anxiety is so debilitating. Body, mind, and spirit can plummet when filled with it, and no one is immune to its effects. But God, in His love and care for you, will take your anxiety onto Himself – just simply cast it to Him.

Hurling or throwing something takes focus and force so the object being thrown lands far away from your presence. When you cast your anxiety on God, it gets caught up in His mercy net where He receives the weight anxiety brings and replaces it with His comfort and calm. Nothing is too small or too big – just cast.

I realize my disappointment with not celebrating All School’s Day this week is teeny, tiny to what some of you may be experiencing. I pray if you are one with anxious moments that you will reach out to a professional, whether it be a pastor, a doctor, a friend, a loved one. There are answers to any and all situations.

Remember too that Philippians 4:6 reminds us to “not worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

“Lord God, it is hard not to worry, but I know I shouldn’t. You have taken care of me in the past, so I know You will today and in the future. I cast my cares to You now and trust that You are with me and You will provide. Amen.”

 – Linda Totman