I am continually aware of your unfailing love. – Psalm 26:3

Our relationship with God requires a listening heart. We need to make the same commitment that David did in Psalm 85:8: “I will listen to what God the Lord will say; he promises peace to his people” (NIV). What can you do while you listen?

Think: Research the issue. Do a topical study. Write down your questions, your dreams, and your ideas. Then take the key words and phrases, look them up in a concordance, and seek to find the heart of God through his Word.

Pray: Talk to God about your dreams, ideas, fears, or habits. Talk to him about your successes and frustrations. Tell him your hopes – and hang-ups. Find a time and place to pray. Start a prayer journal and log your requests, key verses to pray, your impressions, and the thoughts and ideas you sense may be from God. Weigh out your impressions against the truth found in the Word of God. You might listen to the Bible online to create a backdrop of truth in your heart. Often I listen to the audio version of scripture as I’m getting ready in the morning.

Walk: Exercise. Creative juices flow after physical activity. Endorphins release ideas, so get out and about (where we can practice social distancing). Move by walking, running, or cycling out your frustrations – but move! For example, when I swim in a pool, I can pray through my life without interruption. But if I were to swim in the ocean, my problems would nearly disappear as I need to concentrate on the rhythm of the waves.

When you fall in love, you make dates that allow for conversation. The same is true with your relationship with God. Won't you join me in making some space in our lives to listen to his Word?

– Linda Totman